Midi Song Remembers Its Bpm?

This is just an annoyance but if I load a midi song (any thing that might come up in a google search, the Lavern and Shirley theme for example) the song will always play with it’s original bpm even if I change it and save over the file.

I’m a little frustrated that I can’t find where the song is keeping this bpm setting so I can change it in the original file instead of copying the parts I want over to a new file. Any help?

I answered a similar question just 2 weeks ago :)

To set a new tempo on a loaded midi song, a new value has to be set in the effect row using the F0XX Command. As a suggestion the new value is set at the first line of the song.

EDIT: Darn I wasn’t fast enough

By the way… why isn’t it possible to automate tempo and speed via the automation editor?

Thanks, that must be it. Obviously I haven’t progressed far enough to even look in the Master or Send tracks yet. :blink: