Midi Sync

Hello, I’ve just got a microkorg, and are trying to use this with renoise. The problem is that midi is not synced.

I take the audio out from the korg and feed it into line-in on the soundcard, and use a line-in device on the same track that I trigger the midi notes.

USB midi interface, M-audio midisport 1x1
Soundcard, intel built in (laptop)

The korg gets synced from renoise (master clock), and that seems to work ok.
I have tried setting negative delay on the midi instrument in renoise, but not to much effect.

Can it be that the delay from feeding the audio trough the line-in is causing this, or is the line-in signal just fed right in and right out ?

This is a vista computer btw.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, not much experience with midi :)

Does it sync if you listen (with headphones, or whatever) directly from the synth?

I guess your built-in sound card isn’t build for recording…

There is always a little buffering being done on the audiocard, so this delay will always be added to your audiofeed.
A good quality audiocard has very little delay.

Does your soundcard have asio drivers? If so, choosing this will often result in smaller latencies. Maybe the free asio4all drivers can help with this.

Did some more experimenting tonight. When using the microkorg as a clock master, it syncs fine, but then it must run through a mock pattern just to sync it up before the main song. Are there some special settings with the speed vs bpm that I should consider ?