Midi Synth Not Available


I have gotten a new computer, so completely new installation.
I am running Renoise 2.8
I cannot get my Virus TI synth to work in Renoise, it doesnt show up as a midi device.

Down in instrument properties, the Virus TI OSC device shows up, as well the OSC device shows up as soundcard (it can be set).

Well, but no midi, no midi in device.

And last, the plugin loaded by Renoise is the 32 bit version, but i have installed the 64 bit version !

I dont know what to do, it seems there is nothing to do.
Will going back to version 2.7 help ? does 64 bit VST work in Renoise 2.7 ?
I already spent several days to install my VST again in the new system, id hate to have to do that again.


64-bit came with Renoise 2.8. If you want to use a 64-bit plugin in 2.7, the only way would be JBridge.
Does the Virus has a distinctive Midi device name? is the device driver 64-bit? that a VST pluigin is 64-bit doesn’t mean the driver has to be, did you installed the correct (64-bit/Windows Certified) driver?

Lets wait on this and see, it turns out the synth looses connection to pc, when i exit the control center (config for it),
so there is a usb connection problem, and Renoise isnt fault.

This im not able to solve… just installing virus ti software x times, aint gonna do it.
My machine is brand new and the system dont have all kinda crap on it, so it should work first off… it dont.

I would like to hear from other Virus TI users, if they know what to do. The Access Music forum aint of much use, basically Access just says “install again”. thats never gonna fix it.