Midi Timing Hiccups

:unsure: Hi Everyone. Still having fun and games getting things going the way I want… Can somebody please help me with this one. I am currently using the MIDI device on my laptop’s onboard sound card (just until I get better at using Renoise). I have just composes a simple drum track - a bass drum and snare alternating with a constant hi-hat. What I’m experiencing is the pattern speeding up and slowing down - timing glitches - rather than it continuing to play at a nice even beat.

I have a 3.2GHz laptop so I don’t think there’s any performance issues with my laptop.

More than likely a configuration issue. I’m sure this is a commonly asked question. Can somebody please help?


Pattern speeding up or down?
Sounds more like a framerate problem than a timing problem.

Try raising your frame-rate in the GUI configuration of Renoise…

No… its not the pattern display rate I’m concerned about - its what I hear that bugs me. Its almost like somebody is quickly pausing my tune as its playing and then speeding it up again so it can catch up to where it was. I have seen this problem before with Cakewalk too. Funny thing is it started behaving itself after I closed down the Renoise forum IE window… maybe its because I shouldn’t be online at the same time. Usually when I’m recording audio with Cake I tend to disable all graphics acceleration settings. I didn’t think I’d need to for Midi composing alone… but I may be wrong…

Thanks for your replies tho - and hey - thats one cool picture you got from Shrek!! :)

Also one more tip:Renoise responds a little better in fullscreen mode than in windowed mode, maybe that will help as well.