Midi To Mouse

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, since Renoise lacks support for midi transport messages (play, stop and so). I read about a tool (Bome’s Midi Translator) for converting midi messages to key strokes, but found out later that it was of no use, since the key strokes where handled differentely in the two programs. I’ve read that the beta of this software can handle midi to mouse translation, have anyone tried that?

I stumbled upon another interesting thing today:

http://home.k05.itscom.net/y-ookubo/download/MidiToMouse.zip <-- exe
http://home.k05.itscom.net/y-ookubo/downlo…oMouse.vc71.zip <-- source code

This is both source-code and compiled program to try. I don’t understand the content of the page that holds it, someone care to translate? Anyways, I think this can be a nice tool to use, until more midi support exist in Renoise.

I will try this upon arrival to a computer with some proper midi tools. Anyone else got experience with this code?