Midi - Transformation

Would it be possible to add the capability to set offsets, limits, ranges etc. for MIDI inputs/outputs ?

E.g. if I play on my midi-keyboard and the velocity value is 70, but then I would like to set a maximum of 50 as velocity to the instrument.
It would be great if I could tell Renoise to interpret anything above 50 as 50 and not the real value if it’s higher.

Example of use case is a multisample/velocity drum instrument were you want to use fixed samples.
Or as in my specific case I got a multisample piano instrument were you clearly hear the change from on value to the next.
Yes I can edit the instrument but it would be even more nice to just set fixed values etc.

midi effects like this can be pretty useful.
delays and arpeggiators spring to mind as well.

A related and longtime desire of mine is for allowing advanced edit features to be applied (if desired) during real time recording instead of only after-the-fact edits. If I already know I will need to do something particular, it is better just to do it in now instead of redoing it later, right?

Expanding the interpolate function slightly to include ranges* and letting it go to work in real time seems like a fairly clean solution.

Similar behavior from content mask, maybe with an added ‘midi data’ radio button**, could go somewhere towards fixing some people’s midi data filtering woes.

  • dreaming of a simple formulas box here…
    ** dreaming of a whole set of midi options there…