Midi Triggering Patterns

Is this possible in 2.8 or 3.0?
To midi trigger patterns to switch immediately and pick up the current play position?
In Live it’s called ‘Legato Mode’
Would be an awesome live tool…

I suspect you really mean that you can swap sequence positions without changing the current line offset during play… something that acts like ctrl up/down
Have you tried the Duplex tool?
You can even write your own offset sequencer layout for it if the available ones are not to your liking.

This is possible by using the Duplex Navigator/Matrix apps.

Inside a pattern, use the Navigator to jump to a specific line or loop block
Using the Matrix, you also can control the sequence of patterns, loop patterns, etc.
And there’s the PatternSequence app too, which allows basic previous/next style pattern-navigation.

In Duplex, various controller templates are preloaded with this combination - the configuration name might reveal this.
For example, the Launchpad “Matrix + Navigator + Transport” is obviously meant as a ready-to-use preset.

Thanks to you both!

The Launchpad Matrix / Navigator is exactly what I was looking for.
The design is perfect too, think I am gonna have to pick up a Launchpad.