Midi Values

So, I bought this keyboard about a year ago.

A PCR-50 Edirol Midi-Keyboard

It’s got 8 sliders and 8 knobs.

When sliding the sliders or knobbing the… knobs, though :blink: the values jumps several numbers, instead of a steady 1-2-3-4-5.

This applies for all the knobs and sliders.

Is this normal, or does it vary from keyboard to keyboard?

Thanks for any reply.

on my experience with my Oberheim MC 1000, which is the only MIDI equipment I’ve ever used with ReNoise, I can say that the two wheels and the two sliders it has (wooww!! <_< ) jump at about one value out of 10 rate.

Maybe the wheels jumpt at a slightly higher value, but this is mainly due to the different kind of movement.

My hands are really not for surgery, so it could also be due to me :)

I just tried it with my Evolution keyboard and it works just about perfect. Maybe one skipped value now and then…

Strange beans…

I’ve emailed the people at Edirol about this.

I’ll let you know what their reply is.


Alright, so I finally got an answer out of the good people at Edirol.

I’ll post this, in case other people have the same problem.

The following is the answer from Chris Douglass, Lead Product Specialist, at www.Edirol.com;

Hi there,

Where did you get your PCR-50? The very first shipment of the PCR’s had this issue. But it’s very unlikely that you would find one of these new. You can have your keyboard upgraded at an Edirol Service Center. If you’re in the U.S.A. that service center is here at our facility. If you’re in Europe, you should contact info@edirol.co.uk to find a service center to upgrade your keyboard.

If you’re in the U.S., let me know & I can arrange for this. We charge $20 for this upgrade.


Chris Douglass

Well said, Bantai…

I dunno, all I’m hoping for now is that there is a service center somewhere in Norway :unsure:

I’ve e-mailed the store I ordered the keyboard from…

Let’s just hope they come up with a solution


Thanks, Bantai.