Midi Vibrato (Just One Midi Channel, Not For All)

I have a keyboard hooked up via usb midi and I want to do a triggered vibrato effect on one of the instruments on the key board but not the rest.

So like when they play normal notes with no vibrato but then they accentuate it sometimes with a pretty wild vibrato (like the synth chords in “electric boogaloo” or the bass sometimes in some funk songs on some in between accentuated notes)

So I just have one keyboard but would like to use all the midi channels and so have the sequencer play drums and the various instruments and just be able to turn on and off this one effect for a particular instrument.

i did the lfo pitchbend on midi instrument but the problem is it does all the instruments just not that one. Also i’d like to be able to turn the vibrato on and off in the sequencer, though perhaps I could use a separate instrument (one with vibrato on and one with it off). I just need to isolate the midi vibrato to one instrument.

i don’t know if this is physically possibly (can you send effects for just one midi channel if all your instruments are on separate midi channels? You’d think you could) but if it is I’d really like to know how.

Is there a way to do this?

nevermind, when I tried it again I was able to get it so the vibrato was only on one channel. I used the same midi instrument but separate midi channels and renoise instruments so one had the vibrato and one didn’t though it’s the same sound on the keyboard. I suppose that’s as good a way as any to do it.

I think my problem was I put the lfo on midi channel 01 before I put the separate instrument on another midi channel, so both instruments were on the same midi channel. Then when I changed the 2nd instrument’s midi channel the vibrato persisted and I thought it wasn’t possible to separate by channel but apparently it is, at least for what i tried just now.