Midi / Vsti - Commands (effectcolumn)

Renoise have been keeping me busy a while now, and there are some things i noticed and felt was missing. I use partly vsti’s and partly samples but since i’m more used to the tracking way of working i’d love if there were more commands simulating the effects in the effectcolumn, that applies on samples.

Pitch was one of the first things i notced (when i finally found out how to make it work) Using the Panning and efectcolumn works fine for me but the way the effect worked didn’t satisfy my need. For samples the effect 01XX and 02XX is something i use quite often. The way it works makes it very nice and usable. If there was a way to make the “00 – 91 XXXX” effect to have a similar way of working i would be more then happy.
Maybe it could be done by simulating the same effect.


X = Midi/VSTi Pitchbend command.
Y = up or down, controlled by a 1 o 2 (to make an easy reference of the original command for the user)
ZZ = How many percent of the total pitchbend value set in the instrument.
Example: 00 = 0% … FF = 100%

This percentage devided by number of ticks per line and added every tick.

Possible or not? I dont know… but yes i would use it a lot.

/ Cheers

Was reading some post in the “question of speed” thread. I like the concept of adding better accuracy to the tracker, and came up with another idea. Maybe it has already been suggested but I though mine had a bit of a twist.

Would it be possible to set the ammount of ticks per line using an effect command? or is that a global value that is hardcoded? Since you can add effect columns it shouldnt cause any trouble. Right now there’s 6 ticks at speed 6, per line i suppose. What about adding a pattern effect command that set’s the ticks per line.

Maybe it could set the global value for for the Pattern.
maybe it could set the global value for a track.
Or maybe it could set it for a specific line in a track.

I dont know wich one of these would work best but if just increasing it from 6-256 overall has an impact on performance and processor usage, maybe a code would be better if to only increase the # of ticks when needed.