• have renoise a MIDI filter for incoming aud outgoing MIDI data? (my kawai k5000 send a lot of data)

  • can renoise send MIDI out from one track to multiple MIDI out?

hope my .en is not to horrible :wink:
& thx 4 the cool programm & work - especially for the linux support \o/


You can Set up filtering Midi cc in the preferences/Midi.

One Midi-instr is bound to one Midi-out/channel. So you could set your second Sound On the synth to the Same channel.
Or clone the Track würg anothrr Instrument…

Ah OK, i try.

What a shame!
When i clone a Track and i make new changes the new changes must be done also to the clone Tracks?

Native routing to multiple ports would be nice for the todo list :slight_smile:

Yes, cloning means copying a track at a certain timestamp, it is no reference.

Well actually for this reason there is the Midi-Thru-Port of a synth.
Say you have SynthA and SynthB and want to layer two sounds on one Renoise instrument.

  1. Connect Midicable PC Midi-Out-1 -> SynthA Midi In
  2. Connect Midicable SynthA MidiThru -> SynthB Midi In
  3. Set SynthA Sound to Midi-Channel 1, SynthB Sound to Midi-Channel 1
  4. Set RenoiseInstrument Midi-OutputDevice to PC Midi-Out-1, Midi Channel 1.

When you play the instrument, both sounds from both synths are played at the same time.

Yes, that is right and possible when you have ~2 - 4 hardware synthesizer.
But i have 10 and more like (example :wink: )

and then it is impossible to patch the midi routing (MIDI-Thru) physical …

Two - would be nice - solution:

  • When you make a change in the master clone Track all clone Tracks change automatically the same like the master clone Track

  • Improved: Native routing to multiple ports for every Track

THX 4 the great piece of code (Renoise) \o/