Midicontrollers-perfect Small Companions!

today i was looking for a midicontrolller with a fader to use as a crossfader.
knowing that alot of you guys are in europe, anyone want to help me get one of these?
heres what i found.

micromodul LV1

micromodul LX1

micromodul DJ1

i found these at this site:
seems like a really informative site, i’ll certainly be datamining B)

this one seems nice also just dont know about osx support?

i suggest looking at the videos to get a good understanding of how versitile these could be.
this one could be something suited well for renoise.
seems like in theory it should work with osx, but i guess it all depends on whether or not osx could understand it.

Here is another one with a fader and MAC support. The english product page produced an error so here is the german.


I use the evolution x-session, which has an ok crossfader. It’s cheap, but pretty solid.

Same here. :)