Might be a stupid question, but....

Just wondering, what’s this little thingy that looks like a pill, that sometimes appears next to instrument names?

It means that the instrument has a DSP chain on it

Ah, got it thanks…

i had tried it on an empty instrument, but it didn’t appear so i assumed it wasn’t that.

uh wait a minute… it does appear on some instruments (dssi) that don’t have a DSP chain… anyone?

Just load up a VST or DSSI in an empty slot, and the little pill thingy appears next to it.

The “pill thingy” is intended to be a chain icon. Admittedly, the details are a bit hard to make out at such a small size, but there you go.

Anyway… The chain icon represents either a new 3.0 style instrument with its own DSP FX, or a VST plugin, as both types of instrument have their output “chained” to the track they are currently playing in.

In other words, a 3.0 sample-based instrument with a DSP chain is treated in the same was as a (non-multi-timbral) VST synth: The instrument’s output can only be played through a single track at any given time, because the signal is considered more “complex” and cannot be split across multiple tracks simultaneously.

When you see the chain icon, you should just be aware of this special behaviour.

ah, now i got it. thanks!

edit: too late.

what was it, uhm, instruments with DSP chains are restricted like VSTs (can play on only one track at a time)? something like this i guess.