Migrate To Mac Os X Leopard...

Yo familiy? Im a Renoise Mac user and i´m thinking about update my system to leopard cos i still work with tiger :P . And I dont know to do it cos I don´t know wots gonna happen with all my vst fx & vst instruments.
That´s the question, everything it´s gonna be ok after installing leopard? I think all carbon vst&vsti are gonna work but im not sure. Any renoise mac user can help me please? Or anybody…

There’s no functional difference between using Renoise on Tiger or Leopard on the same computer.

Now on the other hand, if you upgrade your computer (G4/G5 to Mactel) you might not get all your plug-ins back. It depends if the plug-ins are universal binary or not.

Good luck.

YO! Affortunately im a pure apple G5 user, jej!. Thx bro!