Mika Brzezinski Msnbc Anchor Refuses To Air Paris Hilton Junk


It’s about time a news anchor tries to stop this silliness.

unfortunately, it’s just that there is a new trend to bash her, until a new starlette will come out.

It might not just be a Paris-bashing trend, I think it’s just that everyone’s tired of covering celebrities, especially when there’s actual important news going uncovered just because a tiny anorexic hotel heiress got busted for driving on probation. Do you know how many other people get in trouble for driving on a suspended license? It’s an incredibly insignificant tidbit of information. MEANWHILE: our Earth is melting, our bees and frogs are disappearing [WAY more important than it sounds, really], there’s active genocide going on in Africa, our kids are being born or raised retarded because of all the shit in the air and water, and my shitty minimum wage job is not paying me nearly enough to support myself.

These are all more important things. But nobody fing knows what’s going on because poor Paris was in jail for 2 fing hours. These are 24 hour news networks. THEY ARE PERPETUALLY ON THE AIR, yet they show us absolutely nothing. If they did, maybe we wouldn’t be so f****ed, because people would actually have a clue what was going on.