Milkytracker For Android

W00T! Albeit unwieldy and impractical for devices without physical keyboard or at least a stylus. GUI is just totally cramped. The program is by default too complicated for a phone screen. I guess it would be just perfect for a tablet, though.
Haven’t checked Milky for ages, but running this one now on Desire. Seems to play ol’ good tunes accurately. I’ll do more testing tomorrow. It’ll be an excuse to be anti-social all Sunday :D

Interesting to see how much juice it takes to play standard 4 channel chiptunes on a “modern smartphone”.

If I’ll get used to this for throwing down ideas and just general doodling, big thumbs up. Are you the dev of the port?

P.S I can has Renoise ported nao? (j/k)

Believe me or not, I’ve got a samsung galaxy tab, and even with a screen that is 3 times bigger than the screen of a HTC smartphone under Android OS, you can’t edit properly a XM with milkytracker. Of course : it’s technically possible, but without a stylus, just try to move the edit block UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT with your fingers on the pattern editor… a PAIN IN THE ASS. Even if you use the horizontal or vertical scrollbars instead, the lack of precision is impossible to circumvent. However Milkytracker for Android OS is an accurate XM player, that’s all.

Cool. Hey if it works it would be awesome. It works on GPS devices and all sorts =)

The windows mob 6 port was perfectly usable with a stylus. ( I wonder if they’ll port it to windows phone 7? )
I had a touch-only android phone for ages and the betas of this I got from IRC were quite unusable (maybe my big fingers?) would be interesting to try it on a tablet.