Milkytracker V00.90.30 Released

hi guys :)

(v00.90.30) , Mainly bugfixes and minor additions:

Bugs fixed:

  • ProTracker modules using ‘one shot’-looped samples seem to crash the replayer sometimes.Fixed.
  • There was a bug in the mod exporter when trying to export samples with a loopstart set to 0. Fixed.
  • The windows version would crash when inserting MANY points between two points in an envelope. Fixed.
  • The right-left combined mouse click on the scopes didn’t work properly. Fixed.
  • switching between the loop types caused crashes. Fixed.
  • Redo filter seems to crash/erase sample in the win32 version. Fixed.
  • Retrig command was still a little bit buggy (when used in combination with delay note). Fixed.
  • Arpeggio was still a little bit buggy (won’t be noticed when tickspeed%3 == 0). Fixed.
  • Putting a position jump inbetween a pattern loop will cause the song length estimator to hang in an infinite loop. Fixed.
  • Trying to enable the volume envelope when it says ‘none selected’ in the envelope editor Milky would crash. Fixed.
  • Block transpose up/down was buggy. Fixed.
  • Pattern Len display isn’t updated to reflect new length after block was pasted and pattern grew. Fixed.
  • Scopes didn’t update after loading samples/instruments
  • Dozens of other fixes…

Features added:

  • Multichannel record/keyjazz/editing (like in FT2)
  • Disable pattern grow when pasting
  • Enable “by channel tabbing” (like in FT2)
  • Instrument quick select using numerical keypad
  • Select sample within instrument in FT2 edit mode (Shift+Alt+Up/Down)
  • Emulate insert key with Ctrl+Up in the OSX version (select from the OSX main menu under option “special”)
  • Dragging files from the win-explorer/osx finder into the MilkyTracker window loads the file
    (works for modules, instruments, patterns, tracks, samples etc.)
  • Load/Save IFF samples
  • More WAV sample types recognized and loaded
  • Improved Protracker compatibility
  • More options on the replayer for improved module playback compatibility
  • Playmodes can now be saved to be the default playmode
  • Even more FT2 keyboard shortcuts (F9-F12, look in the doc for more info)
  • Even more customizing support, see config.
  • PocketPC: Added scopes as well
  • PocketPC: Jam page with extended keyboard or pattern

hey, i was wondering if that would work on this?…1QQcmdZViewItem

holy crap man i didnt realize! you could technically compile a version for the sharp zaurus 5500?
there was a bunch of us wishing there was a tracker at all… i myself, spent months looking for emulators that would run on it. that i could use to run a c64 amiga, atari,DOS,ts80,gameboy,gba, but none of them had the keys right with either the tracker or the emu. there was one project called ewoktracker someone had linked to on here. an i thought it for shure would bring forth something, but i never saw anything. that would be so totally dope to finally have tracker on the zaurus.

sharp released the sdk stuff for everyone to use. the os is qtopia linux.
theres a ton of zaurus how-tos on developing also:
the sdk:
the developers wiki:
the how-tos:
all of those are linked to from here:…ad-sid-66.phtml

there is a very large amount of zaurus users here:
the pda or pmt (personal mobile tool)
is this: