For oldschool people that want to release XM/MOD, here a very nice Ft2 clone. (not need to run DOSBOX or win98 again)


-Multiplatform:Windows2000/XP, Mac OSX, POckect PC… (Other OS like Linux might follow as well)
-FT2 like GUI & shortcuts
-All FT2 effects implemented and play engine 99% accurately
-Import following module formats:
-Export: XM and MOD


Im sure u will love it :lol:


its running on my pocket!

…looks so cute :lol:

thanks for sharing info kmuland

sweet, runs on my qtek9090 aswell, thanks for sharing :P

how much should I bet on that my XM files are into that 1%? :rolleyes:

anyway I will check it out at home, thanks!

Milky is so sweet. :) But as IT feared, it seems almost every XM (by me at least) steps into the 1% terrain. Hopefully the playroutine gets better with age and I will be cheering for Milky. It will definately be among the advertised and supported trackers in a project that is yet to take its final form…

thanks for sharing! :)
been testing four of my old songs so far and didn’t encounter any compatability issues. (must be because of my simplistic, trivial and naive techno music)
anybody found a way to enable pattern follow, btw?
( i’m not speaking about the “scrolling style” option which can be altered…)
the channel mixing is pretty accurate, too (if compared to renoise :rolleyes:)

raina wrote:

Plz can you post link for download these buggy modules?

It-Alien wrote:

Plz post here links of these non working modules if you find them

Milky bugs can be fixed for next version :lol:

keith303 wrote:

It will be added someday :rolleyes:

Hello Kmuland,

first of all: Milkytracker plays XM greatly!

Yes, it’s actually 99% accurate! And indeed there is still 1% to improve ;)

here it is what I’ve found so far:
noone has won: at order 04, the violins do not stop, probably because Axx and -x effects are too weak. This is also true for 3xx. Both of these problems occur only sometimes, maybe only at certain or lower speeds?

the path: look at beginning of track 07: the cymbal does not play in Milkytracker, probably because of the same problem described above. Also, the song goes mad in the ending loop.

paura del vuoto: at end of pattern order 0D, some instruments do not fade out (noteoff not working on a row which has EEx?). From order 16, the sine does not stop. Also unstopped notes for instrument 32 until order 23. Other -x problems on track 9-10 since order 25.

Anyway, great work!


Thanks IT-Alien for report bugs…
Your songs are really nice for check compatibility issues and play bugs.

More bugs welcome. Currently milky at 99.5% :lol:
Peter made ton of bugfixes since last version,

also forgot anounce that is ready :)

Hey Kmuland, I couldn’t get Milky v10 working on 98SE… Not that I really need it on that platform because ft2 works on it.

Amazing, thanks.

Testing Note:
I tried it out on Mac OSX (10.28) and it worked great. I played a lot of my favorite .XMs and every song played perfectly.

yes… currently only works on win2000/XP :o

Surely Peter will code a win98 version on future… :lol:

i cant belive there is no IT support… :blink:

oh, thanks ;)

oh…that`s a thing I searched for long agao…smart oh…no win…that´s a pity.

Milky Tracker is an absolute thing of beauty! Even has those HUGE fonts for visually impared, something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Have a friend who’s poor eyesight keeps him from tracking, can’t wait to show this to him!!

Ehm, I almost wrote porr eyesight… :D

Very nice stuff. Definetely ROCKS!!!


Pattern follow (like renoise or mpt) working now… available on upcoming version :lol:
(little pic on

BTW… we are trying to implement Xfade on sampleeditor… but seems to work diferent than a simple fade out+fade in.

Anyone understand how Xfade works on FT2? (it make some kind of average levels calculation on loops points)

All help appreciated :lol: