Milton Babbitt, Classic Electronic Recordings

Sometimes it’s good to get away from what were used to and be adventurous. Looking into the history of electronic music outside the medium of Dance music is a great place to look. Here I present Milton Babbitt:

Consider the possibilities of writing music like this in Renoise. In my mind it seems with Duplex and other tools a great live feel could be added. Maybe I’m wrong. :D

And then there’s always Edgar Varese to consider:

I think Daphne Oram really has to get a mention!

Especially as ladies in the forefront of electronic music is rare enough but she truly was one of the pioneers!

my favorite is Raymond Scott

this is a snippet from his album Manhattan Research Inc. i think it’s exceptional (and the jingles are quite goofy). this is the closest to modern electronic music you’ll get i think, because most of the music is done with a more functional idea in mind rather than experimentation and art. i love his work, he also did some jazz albums. the song he’s most known for is Powerhouse which is used in many cartoons.

the other artist i know is Wendy Carlos. she did the A Clockwork Orange music for example.

Delia Derbyshire, she, like us, worked with samples.

No StOCKHAUSEN???That hurts…

oh god this needs a hiphop beat so badly.

not to forget the Theremin, very beatiful instrument:

Nice links everybody! We should keep this thread growing as a collection of classic electronic music!

This Raymond Scott’s album is very cool. Thanks for posting.