Mind Bender


I was playing around a bit with a song I had arranged called “Mindbender”. I have spent a couple of months loading it into renoise here and there, but having trouble figuring out which direction to take.

I liked the percussion and the simple synth in the background. Lended itself to a rather disturbing mood.

I decided to grab a sample I had used as the basis for an old mod on Aminet I created/submitted a 100 years ago called “Holyhell” and also used the sound of a guy who is screaming in agony.

The “Hi ya fat f****” sample was in another very old mod I created in I believe '97 or so and it’s from the movie Demonic Toys.

Let me know what you think. Should be music to all of you distortion freaks and I have a long way to go.

I especially like the audio sample arrangement of the “Will you be my special friend in hell?”.

Tickled me pink!


i like it…

I think you could try to add some “jumpy” bass with lfo over volume and/or filter

although i don’t like the song (not something I would listen too…I’m not a “distortion freak” :-P), the main thing that I would fix is the bass content. The track lacks any bass…

some sort of wicked distorted bassline would serve it well I think