Mini Mac And Renoise

I ve seen this new MiniMac thinghie.
it look nice. and it s kinda cheap ( kinda…), too.

i m taking into consideration of buying one …

my question are mostly renoise related:

  • do i need an external sound card? ( i ve a M-audio USB now)
  • how much does it cost having TWO renoise license ( win + mac)?
  • may i "transform my WIn license into Mac?
  • what else should i take notice of?


as a registered user, you already own a license for both OSes.

About the rest I don’t know.

enough ram - enough cpu power … ;)

i run renoise on my g4 powerbook (886mhz) and the number of effects/vst’s i can use is somewhat limited. i can certainly be productive though, it just takes a little brainwork to see how many effects i can fit in before things get overloaded.

the mac os version is supposedly not very optimized yet, so performance should improve in the future.

definitely get a ram upgrade to 512M and consider the 1.42 ghz model if you like to work with lots of effects.


Your M-Audio USB will work with your Mini Mac. But you can choose which sound card to use from within Renoise (Internal, m-Audio, etc)

The Mini Mac comes with 256 megs of ram. That’s not enough, upgrade.

Like it was said before, you can run your copy on either mac or pc, doesn’t matter.