Minimal SO for running Renoise

Im using an alone partition on my HD for “Renoise use only” because I want the best performance.

Work Renoise with 98Lite?
Work Renoise on win95?

Currently I have installed win98 but I dont know If I can use a better, faster and minimun size O.S.

Exist any other windows O.S. clone for run Renoise?
(the requirements only says that you need directX 8)

Best regards

When using Win95 you will have problems to find drivers for all your hardware. And I remember that there was a problem with Renoise under Win95 (a user said that it didnt started at all).

Use Win98 if you really need a slim OS and want to be sure that Renoise and all other nowerdays win32 programs should run on it …

using win95 is asking for trouble, no matter what you’re planning to run on it :rolleyes:

use win98se or winme. works fine on both. just be sure to disable “system restore” on winme which is totally useless. you can use patch (third party software which disables tons of things) to do this as well.

win95 rocks, the only reason why i’ve changed is sound forge 6, it asked for the win98 and higher…

I´ve tried renoise into 98lite and works perfect.

By the way I have found a windows OS clone of 6mb size and works with directx

I will try it with renoise. (if works, really would be the smallest SO for running Renoise)

The above link is a promising project, but in Beta stage. I would not recommend it for renoise. It is based on a Linux kernel with a sort of eumulator (Wine and DosEMO emulator (slow). Anyway if someone get’s Renoise working on it I’d love to hear it.


The WINE developers have quite a task to do, since they also have to implement many of the same bugs as windows has to avoid changing the behaviour of a lot of programs :rolleyes: