[minimal-tech] Cie - Kampfkrampf


maybe you like to listen to my new track. The style is in the direction minimal techno.


Any comments welcome! :)

Thank you. :)

Yes, I think it depends on the mood of the people in the club if you could play that “Knarzigkeit”. But there are some djs who play such style with even more noisy and minimal tracks, and I guess most technoid people are very open-minded. :)
Btw. you find some mixes in this direction here

‘Minimal techno’ lol that a goodun!

Hey ive writen 10 tracks in that genre without even turning on my computer :D

just jokin liking the grimey vibe to the track nice one :yeah:

Sound very interesting! This is not my style though, but im liking it! With my pa sounds just nice! (Genelecs 1031 and 1092)