Minimized Dsp Ui: More Controls

Minimizing DSPs in the track view is neat and useful. It could be a bit more useful, though. Right now only close and un-minimize controls are shown (+ the DSP name).

Why not show as many of the generic DSP controls as possible?

I agree,

I wouldn`t however vote for the move arrows due to dragging being possible, but would want the open VST GUI button there.

I agree that the bypass/enable tick would be useful aswell.


“click” says the counter.


At least the enable/bypass button seems like something that should be there even in minimized mode.

Just click on your effect (or select it with the keyboard) and press enter.

We cannot make minimize button vertical cause it has to be on the same place as the device it’s open, or it will jump when you close/open it.

If you want to keep the buttons consistant, how about a modifier key/s when clicking minimized effects? :


Ctrl + Click = Open VST Editor ( if it is/ has one)
Shift + Click = Bypass/ enable Effect

Can`t see any conflicts unless I am missing something?

this would give the option of not having to re-focus

Not very sexy looking IMHO.

If you need all those buttons, maximize.

If you are looking for a smaller representation of the DSP units, why not just use the Mixer view? That’s what it’s there for.

Speaking for myself, it is nice to have the overview of the complete chain when editing a track. I am a fan of not having to switch views constantly also.

The nice new feature of being able to minimise DSPs could be improved further IMO. The modifier keys I suggested would be sufficient for me, others may still want more visual solutions?