Minor Errors: Tooltip Spelling And Grammar

The one that leaps out at me is the MIDI instrument type dropdown under Instrument Settings.

“Specify the MIDI instruments type, which is important for the latency handling:” needs a possessive apostrophe in ‘instruments’.

Is there any feasible way of farming such fixes out to the community? I’m a tragically fastidious native English speaker and English Literature graduate with a willingness to help out - partly because it would make Renoise appear even more professional and partly because it would save me from going into paroxysms of discomfort whenever I spot them :)

If not, then I’ll just keep adding them to this thread.

By the way, I realise how pedantic this seems, but since English is the chosen language of Renoise (if it were German, I’d have to get my girlfriend to sit next to me all day reading things out), those few tiny errors may cause people to feel slightly less like they’re using a wholly professional and capable piece of software. Not me, of course, but…people. Some people. Nasty people…

ye, the pop up tips are a bit iffy too iirc.

“DSP’s” and such off the top of my head.

idd, just something that makes it look a bit more “pro”.

It’s always a good idea to strive for perfection IMO. Just go ahead and expose every grammar error you can find. I’m sure the Renoise team will appreciate it.


We will take care of this for 2.5 final in one batch: collecting and checking all texts again. And don’t worry, its not me who’s doing this ;)