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Back again to annoy you with yet more pics of Scotland. This latest batch has been cobbled together from four different ventures, so the lighting is different across many of them. First is a view up and down some granite stairs on the Craigellachie hillside, which helps out of shape folks like me get up a particularly steep section.

Now a few views focussing on Lochan Dubh (small black loch), which has featured in previous pics, but not seen any real attention.

Various angles of the Cairgorms, which I’ve not really shot properly in the past while on Craigellachie. I moved a lot further towards the edge of the hill to get these, encountering a huge patch of heather which had caught fire a couple of years ago. All that’s left are the white roots that you can see there, which crackle satisfyingly as you walk over them.

I decided to take a trip to the loch that you can see in the middle of the last pic. Loch an Eilean (Loch of the Island), is situated in an ancient Caledonian pine forest and the island hosts a small ruined castle.

A nature trail goes right around the loch and halfway round I came across a favourite of mine: a twisted fallen tree. Yay! The whole trip was supposed to last only a couple of hours, but I took the long way home and eventually staggered in eight hours later, unused to such excercise these days.

awesome pics!

Wow, that was some breathtaking vistas. Really nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Much appreciated. I wish more people would post pics of their native lands around here :D

I can just hear your music playing along while looking at these.

Well that’s a coincidence …I saw that you lived in aviemore (never heard of it ) …so I fired up google earth to take a virtual stroll in the hills …and now you post these pics …much appreciated …verry beautifull …
The closest Ive been to schotland is york :(
One day I’ll go there and squad an old castle ( with solar cells and internet ofcourse )

You should do that one on the lake. It looks positively badass. You could catch fish for food :) Or giant monsters, perhaps? :)

Or you can always persuade someone else to squad another castle and start a home pizza ( rowboat) delivery

:D As long as you don’t mind anchovies as the only topping :P

(I love these forums…)

I assume you meant Nessie?

I hope you didn’t mean…

Or maybe you even meant…

Hell I don’t know :w00t:

Or maybe you even meant…

I’m right now at my castle, sitting on my veranda, overviewing the lake smoothly, taking a deep breath from my cigar.
She is coming home from fishing right now (naked, of course *). She hold’s two beauties of a fish in her hands. She asks me politely “which one you want today?”.
I answer, “the 3rd” …

scnr :drummer:

  • every man knows that women go fishing naked only, so spare it ;).

Besides of my glitch above I like this pic the most.
The tree looks like it is living, getting rid of it’s roots, wanting to crawl away, like a spider, to another life.

Damn you’re funny , :dribble: