Missing Theme Setting: "Record" On/Off Toggle-Border Non-Use

The pale red (ish) border that toggles on and off around the Pattern Editor is missing from Theme Preferences. When using alternative colouring such as a pale grey background, the red border/bracket/colouring becomes quite difficult to see.

Please could the Record on “border highlight” around the pattern editor, be made user-configurable.

perhaps it could use the same colour as current track colour

Perhaps that could be user-definable! :)

  • maybe the ability to make it more thicker, obvious when ‘on’.

Exactly, Jonas. It should be noticeable and obvious - “to the maxx” as the saying goeth.

+1 +1
Or maybe even change the background colour when in record mode.
As a spin off, this would enable indicating the keyboard focus as full border instead of just the corners.