Mistabishi - Printer Jam

(Brawny) #1

Ok, a pretty run-of-the-mill tune (but I’m still gonna buy the vinyl)…

But it’s all about the vid :w00t:


(Johann) #2

Hahaha, WOW!

(The Hooligan) #3

Found this song from a drum’n’bass mix some time ago and boy did it stand out from the other songs. The video is also great fun, it appears the director has seen a scenedemo or two

(BYTE-Smasher) #4

I hate it when big acts execute song concepts I’ve always wanted to do, but pull it off way better than I ever could :(

… are those vocals from Portal?

(Brawny) #5

Ditto! I was thinking about sampling the pick & place machines where I used to work over 9 years ago, they made some great noises!

I do have another man-powered mechanical concept in mind too, but I haven’t a clue about how to go about sampling it…

As for the vocals, I’ve no idea - it could be a female version of the annoying voices that come with the shoddy lexmark drivers I use…which I loathe, don’t think it has a ‘printer dead’ sample though.

(BYTE-Smasher) #6

I honestly wouldn’t mind finding as many geek related samples as possible… printers… servos… typing… mouse clicks… modem connection sequences… that kinda stuff.

If anyone knows of such a sample pack, by all means, let me in on it =p

(dblue) #7

The voice is generated with the AT&T Text-to-speech app:

Choose the “Crystal … US English” preset.

(BYTE-Smasher) #8

No it wasn’t dblue… the voice is entirely different… I tried getting it to say the exact same things… and the AT&T “Crystal … US English” preset has a way different timbre to it… the TTS is much faster… and has significantly less of a human quality as well… I seriously think the dude sampled from Portal

k never mind… it’s not portal either

(vV) #9

Perhaps the good old Audio Sculpture from the Amiga?

(dblue) #10

Oh ye of little faith :rolleyes:


I never said it was the exact raw output of AT&T’s TTS. They have of course EQ’ed it a bit, cleaned it up and tweaked the timing of the speech, and used the clever placement of fullstops/periods to alter the intonation of certain words, and in the case of the “try unplugging it and plugging it in again” bit, they have replaced the words “plugging it” with a portion of “unplugging it” since the original TTS output sounds like “plogging” for some stupid reason.

Anyway, there you have it.

Try inputting “printer. jam.” instead of “printer jam”, and “printer. dead.” instead of “printer dead”, etc.


(keith303) #11

yeah, it absolutely is that “crystal … us english” preset as far as i can tell.
the video is great stuff and reminds a lot of diverse demoscene products.
would be a nice entry for a wild or animation compo :)

(BYTE-Smasher) #12


I have been pwned. Good job, ol chap!

That just goes to show how much work people go through to get good sounds. They’ve obviously cleaned up the choppy TTS edges on the syllables as well. I have to wonder how long they spent tweaking those samples. I also have to wonder what software they’re using for sequencing ;)

btw, the reason that voice preset sounded so bloody familiar is because I used it in a track I made for CTG Music called “CTG is for Trance” =p … didn’t occur till just now

(Corticyte) #13

Love it! Printer Jam has single-handedly restored my faith in Drum & Bass. Seriously, almost all dnb these days is mindless, formulaic, predictable and soul-less machine music. Bring back jungle! (or more tunes like Printer Jam)

(Brawny) #14

Suprising to see it out on hospital records, a pretty good EP. I spend a tenner per 2xvinyl EP just for one tune too often, but I’d play 3/4 of the tunes on this one.


(B-complex) #15

no disrespect to mr Mista, but it’s not so different to what we all do, he’s a one guy artist in his home studio doing what he loves, he just did this tune for fun and dragged it out of his sleeve now :)

(meow) #16

Just go sample it yourself. I love doing field recordings. Especially if it’s like two or three people involved, sometimes while goofin off you find the coolest things. I just wish I owned my own recorder.

(BotB) #17

hahaha, yeah I remember :D

Mr Oizo’s sampled at&t a lot on ‘Lamb’s Anger’ as well
hell, I’ve used the site for samples for years and years, I luv it!

(NTX13) #18

I just wish I owned my own computer… so I could sample it :)

(jon snow) #19

Printer jam issue is also happening with me and the main thing is that I am being unable to fix that. It is showing Epson printer error code e-01 on the screen while doing the printing process.