Mix Recorder

Every slider/knob/mute change, even adding samples in realtime, should be recorded.
All this should be written to an arrangement window, ready for the mistakes you’ve made during your mix to be removed afterwards. Full editing of everything you’ve done during the mix.
I’m not too good at arranging a song and I want to create tracks with a live feel this way.

I realize this is a very tall order programmatically, but I think it’s worth considering.

Isnt Ableton Live exactly this way or am I wrong?

Could be but it’s a massive program and it costs 419 Euros.
And I hate the Cubase-style view, just seeing those horizontal sampling bars … yuck! :P

Traktor has this feature called Native Mix Recording which does exactly what I want, but there you only have 4 decks/sound sources, so that’s insufficient.

yes yes I wasnt complaining about your suggestion :) rather trying to get things straightened out. I like the way Live works and that everything can be made as it happens, and I have also thought how cool it would be if Renoise could be used in similar fashion when it comes to arranging a song. Would be awesome if new patterns could be created in realtime when changes was made such as muting channels and tweaking effects.

yes that would be really cool,i also like the way live works,so if something like this could be implemented into renoise i will give my +1