Mixage Fou Sound Creation Contest

Hi Renoise users,

The “Mixage Fou” contest (“Crazy Mix”) is open till the 3 of june.

For informations the idea is to make a sound creation of 80 sec (max) with a unique sound bank. It is possible to create with only some of the sounds but it is forbidden to add new ones.

All effects and sound transformations are allowed…

For the 4th year it is possible to create in stereo, but also in 5.1, in 7.1 and in auro-3d 9.1

Here is the contest website :


There are some really nice prizes to win this year including a workshop of 2 days to mix in WFS format (spatial sound over many speakers), softwares licences, money and more.

Please feel free to ask me for more infos or just give a feedback about the sound bank (I hope you will like it).

Here is a nice prize from the partner Auro-3D

One day of recording or mixing in the Galaxy Studios (Belgium) :D

This prize is dedicated to a Mixage FOu in Auro-3D 9.1 (it is a standard 5.1 plus 4 speakers in height)

Here is how to setup your speakers in Auro-3D

For infos, you can mix in this format with Reaper (and also in 5.1 and 7.1) and it is free for 30 days…

Download Reaper

Does anyone want to try this ?

You can also play in stero and win 190 $ on the Native Instruments web store :D

Listen to the raw material n°10 (ambient_recording).

This crazy surround field recording has been made with 4 hydrophones underwater by Timo Klinge.


One week left in order to participate…

You can listen to all crazy participations here :

Mixage Fou

At this time there 3 surround 5.1 sound creation online (in binaural format for headphones).

There are no 7.1 or Auro-3D 9.1 participation yet. Some prizes are devoted to these categories. So it is easy to win very nice prizes, just look if have enough loudspeakers… :D

If there are no entries in these categories, who needs the speakers? simply render some output in 9.1 and voila (who cares about mixing).

I have enough speakers, how do I win the prize? I could not make any sense out of the website, it is in French.

Maybe the little american flag is too small but the website is in english also…

Just look under the counter (on the left side) there is a french and an american flag…

Click on the red text on the left and download the soundbank, then a readme PDF file comes with the sounds in french and english…

Give some feedbacks if you can not reach the soundbank, thanks

This is your opinion… there is one law that says if it’s sounds good it is good. It is up to you to make something good in 9.1

First participation in 7.1 from a really crazy mixer (he has already made a mix in stereo and in 5.1) : Théo Boulenger FRANCE

Check it out ;)

Thanks, figured it out now. Downloading the sound bank, it could be interesting.

In what format does it have to be submitted? Separate channels in wav format all zipped in a single file?

That’s it… Separate wav files (no compression) in a zip and sent via the Wetransfer service.

There is a PDF file that comes with the sound bank that gives these details.

I wish you a very good contest ! :yeah:

First participation in Auro-3D 9.1 from Matthieu Deniau FRANCE

You can listen to the binaural version on the website :walkman:

2 days left in order to participate… :(

Just few hours in order to send your sound creation…

If you have any problems in the upload procedure, please contact me directly :


A very big thank to all crazy sound mixers :D

There are 79 original sound creations this year from 9 countries with 20 in surround.

In 4 years, the Mixage Fou contest has received 250 crazy mixes of 80 sec !!

The award ceremony will take place near Paris, the 9 of june from 6 to 8pm during the festival “Les Bains Numériques”.


You are all welcome to come and meet sound creators, organisators and partners of the Mixage Fou. After the ceremony a big free concert of Carl Craig will take place on the lac.

If you can’t come, the award ceremony will be streamed live on the website (mainly in french, I am sorry) :


I wish you some great listenings…

Check out this nice article (French only) about the award ceremony :


Here is the winner list :

Mathieu Menart (5.1)

Arnaud Noble (stereo)

Eric Lonni and Marc Pernet (5.1)

Théo Boulenger (7.1)

Théo Boulenger (5.1)

Théo Boulenger (9.1)

Martin Delafosse (stéréo)

Lea Bongiovanni (stéréo)

Matthieu Deniau (7.1)

Jaycee Bork (5.1)

Daniel Martin-Borret (5.1)

Théo Boulenger (5.1)

Matthieu Deniau (5.1)

Théo Boulenger (7.1)

Théo Boulenger (5.1)

Jean-Marc Duchenne (7.1)

Jaycee Bork (5.1)

Lionel Guenoun (stéréo)

Jaycee Bork (5.1)

Eric Lonni and Marc Pernet (5.1)

Jean-Marc Duchenne (7.1)

Eric Lonni and Marc Pernet (5.1)

Romain Paulus (stéréo)

Jean Michel Despres (stéréo)

Yves Zysman (stéréo)

Jean Luc Verschelde (stereo)

Kaspar Torn (stereo)

Théo Boulenger (stéréo)

Here is a PDF with the details about the prizes :