Mixed Pickles

Oldschoolgabbamix -> Download

goa vs. tbm vs. oldskool -> Download

!Parental Advisory 100% Breakbeatfree!

cool, but where is that goa? …you know, i´m a purist, not a turist ;D hahaheheaheaoiheaou…

but hey, what is that track between ~31:30-38:00 sounds alike KoxBox but never heard that track b4…

PEACE, rob!

in which the first or the second set?

second :blink:

Sorry - i dont know the lable because I do mix using cds. This was taken from a goa head compilation. Ill search at home for interprete and title (I´m not too well in remembering artists and tracks)

No one who would like to critisize mixing and so on?

got that name in to head today, oh my holy flashbacks…it´s technossomy - pyramid…old skool goa goodies from golden 94-96 years…pure killer one :)

another one