Mixer A/B Presets

Something I would really like to see if A/B (and maybe C, D ;) ) compare buttons in the Mixer view.

These would store the current state of the mixer:
Current Track Mute status of all tracks.
On/Off status of all DSPs in all tracks.
Possibly Pre/Post fader positions.
Could expand it to DSP settings but think that may be a bit much ;)

Would make checking things in and out of context a lot easier. be a good work around for the fact that currently Soloing a Send gives you silence as it doesn’t solo any of its sources. Make it possible to try and set up crossover points for multiband processing by comparing original to split and combined signals at a click of a button. Plus much more!

Please think about it. Sounds like it should be a reasonably easy change and would be so useful.

Sounds like a very good idea.

I would also suggest making the presets automatable.

a major +1

I know this is only a minor change on a previous idea but thought it might of got more interest. Just been wanting to do some parallel/split frequency processing and that again brought me to dreaming of mixer presets.

but if some of those parameters like track pre-volume and dsp on/off are automated?

Good question.

What happens with the A/B button on DSPs when there is automation? Exactly the same I would of thought. It’s not like we don’t already have A/B buttons somewhere that has parameters that could be automated.

I would say, if you go over automation (pre-volume / DSP On/Off Pattern Commands) then it would of course follow it. May cause slight problems with the look ahead mode (have I remembered the name right?) but would the DSP A/B as well? Could always have a little enable button that temporarily disables look-ahead mode, and optionally all automation if you would prefer.