Mixer Layout Suggestion

I think it would be better to change the mixer to always show the master channel and send busses on the far right, grouped together and fixed in the layout.

Also, the master channel should be the right-most channel strip, consistent with most small-format consoles.

Third, I believe sends and master channels would be easier to distinguish if they had their own colors, different from the regular channel strips.

A mockup:


the different color for send track could be too much, but I like the rest of the ideas very much

Putting the master on the far right before the sends seem logical, but then the order in pattern editor should also change.

How would it work when there are more tracks than fit the screen? Would you scroll normal tracks separately from master and sends? With an adjustable screen divider?

hmm yes. still, maybe putting master track on the left of send track on both mixer and pattern editor, though not being fully logical, could be more handy.

yes, this is how I would imagine it

by a user-defineable shortcut
e.g. ‘normal jump’ with and ‘big jump’ with +


by switching the keyfocus [ + ]

Same as now, it’s just a matter of displaying the strips differently. Two separate horizontal scrollbars would be necessary, for busses and “regular” tracks separately, when strips won’t fit on screen.

This is a great idea! I am really all for this!

I dont think the shortcut issue would be a pain at all. The suggested change is excellent. i wish this feature was in Renoise right now!


And a little knob to pull down the master and subgroup panel to the right side would be fine also.

I’m onboard for this idea also. Pluse I think with the more sends that you have, a small scroll bar could appear underneath. So you could have a shortcut that switches between the tracks row to the sends/master row, and use something like the left/right arrow key to cycle through them. Or just drag across with the scroll bar that’s underneath, or finally, just another shortcut for cycling through the sends. As for the colors, I’m abit 50/50.

Yeah thats all good Ady. I reckon the colours should be an option.

Even better, with the proposed idea of having selectable track colours, the mixer could change to the same colour selected in the corresponding track like in Cubase at the bottom of every strip. I know… Shut up about the Cubase mixer, Owen:)