Mixer Meta-Device: Negative Weights

Good device, this - it implements out = (a+b+c) / (a.maxvalue + b.maxvalue + c.maxvalue). It’s a teensy but tantalising piece of “formula device”.

Would it be possible to allow inputs < 0 or > 100, remove normalisation (i.e. the divisor) and add a clipping-method setting analogous to the options in the distortion device?

Complicating, yes. Awesome, yes yes :D

EDIT: aaaaargh I meant / (a+b+c) … don’t mind me…

EDIT: Oh I give up on me. Let’s try that again: out = a+b+c / (a.weight + b.weight + c.weight) and allow negative weights and values over 100%.

I’m ill today :P