Mixer - Send Device Knob For Subgroups

In the mixer a send device knob for the sub groups would be nice.
It needs two options in my eyes:

  1. a selection for changing the number of the sub channel the track is rooted to.
  2. a knob to set the amount.

I think, it’s a little bit confusing to set a main option of a mixer seperately. :)

Not entirely following you there…

Are you talking about the send device? This includes a mix level on each instance…

Yes, I mean the #Send Device you find in the Track DSPs.

Yes, so the mixer gets a new bar, which could be switched on/off with the switches at the right side.

Yeah but what if you have more than one #send device?

I am still a little in the dark as to what you mean?

What do you mean exactly? Your post is vague. I am up for any extra control, but I dont exactly get what you are saying…

You said the mixer gets a new ‘bar’… what does this mean? What is a ‘bar’ in this context. Do you mean a Strip? or something that sits ON a strip?

Im sorry if this is just me being dumb.

You are right. And so I have to redesign the idea.
I will descripe it with a picture.

With a click on a name of a the setting in a Track DSP, for instance the reciever (highlighted yellow) in the #Send Device, this setting is shown directly in the slot of the #Send Device in the mixer.
The Track DSP which should be handled in that way should be Native, Routing and Meta.

Still confused as to what you mean.

Do you mean that any parameter on any device should appear on the mixer strips version of a particular plug in once it has been activated?

I am really having trouble grasping exactly what it is you want. Sorry. You started by talking about sub-groups(?) and send device knobs and then you posted a picture with the #line-in highlighted(?)

If this is just me being stupid, I apologise. Anyone else understand what this request is?

Yes. You understand what I mean. And your desciprtion is very exact.

If I could change the topic title, I had done it.
As I wrote the first post, I only thought: the mixer of Renoise should have the same standard layout, which audio mixer have. And a send device to send a signal to the subgroups is a part of that standard layout.
So the suggestion changed a little bit.

Thanx for your patience understanding what I mean.
Next time I will not be so dronish descriping what I want.

Ah man, its all good! I am just sorry for being stupid and not understanding you!

So, to clarify, you want…

Every parameter which has been automated to have a value slider on the mixer instance of said plug-in.

…and by ‘subgroups’ you mean the parts of each plugin that you can change the parameters on!

I am understanding you now!

Yeah this is a good idea! It might mean that the plugin boxes on the mixer get very big though!

We got there in the end mate! haha.