Mixer: Track Names Too High

At first I thought they were not there at all, lol.

Can I move them below the mixer controls?

If not that would be an idea. Or maybe below the FX chain, just above the M and S buttons?

There, I made a preview:


i would like that too.
and let me freak a bit more: maybe we could use user-defined colours to mark single tracks in mixer-view.

Yeah, colors make sense. But more on the tracks in the pattern, imo. I don’t know which part/s should be colored in the mixer.

On the main topic: There’s a big void between the track names/plugins and the mixer levels. At least most of the time it will be in practice. You need 19 plugins to fill the entire “plugins space” (on 1280x1024).

So perhaps even the plugins could be at the bottom of the “plugins space”?

Not true, Right-Click on a DSP -> View -> All

The space is needed to expand the slider-bars while “mixing”

Hence the term “Mixer”

As for track names at the bottom… I vote no.

I vote no for graphic UI changes as well, all the manual pages and (animated) images have been rendered and Taktik already freaked me out enough by making rigorous changes in the GUI layout during the pre-beta versions.
Specially the animated images are very hard to change.

I think it’s fine as it is, it is consistent with the pattern editor.

Ok, I see. Didn’t know about that.
But still, the DSPs could be at the bottom until expanded…
Anyway, no big deal.

If the majority prefer track names at the top I guess can live with that.

amen, no change needed, perfect.

/me agrees.

ok … convinced.