Mixer-View -- Display Midi Note Activity Per Track

Hi, it’d be lovely to know when in maxed out mixer-view, which tracks are sending midi out. ? :)

The red dot in the Scopes? ofcourse, if you really have to toggle down the scopes as well, it is assumed you don’t mix midi out and sample based instruments in one instrument or host them in the same track.
imho, splitting instruments properly across different tracks is far more efficient here.

so what about red dots on mixer view? :)

yup, red dots in mixer view would be useful ;)

How about red flashing mixer channels when Midi is emerged?
Even better than red dots.

If that’s serious, it’d be useful

:huh: hey! i was serious man :(

Well, perhaps my message had one eye blinked, it wasn’t meant to make your remark sound like a joke though.
The only mixerchannel containing a red dot is the master channel and that is the clipping indicator.
So we most likely need a different solution to prevent confusion there. (you can also send midi signals on the master channel using the Midi control device.)

lol :) no problem

i think it could be more simple to have them down the strips, to avoid confusion about clip indicators, generaly placed “up” the vu meters…