Mixer View Resize

if you use the mixer view to manage your effects, things can get crowded pretty quick. that’s why i think it would be a good idea to have an option for resizing the mixer view.
here’s a mockup:

i have not mocked up the little arrow (or something like that) on the remaining mixer to slide it up/down or anything, nor is this a very much thought through idea, but you get the point.

I don’t quite follow. Apart from removing the slider on the track volume panel, what other changes are you proposing here?

If you temporarily hide the upper and lower frames in the main interface, then you can gain a lot more room to work with in the Mixer. Maybe this is more comfortable for you?

hahaha, if only i had known the answer to my problem was that simple! you are correct, it’s just about the room in the mixer with respect to the DSP effects, and this solves it all. thanks, and je m’excuse for the useless thread in ideas/suggestions, would fit better in tips/tricks as it is now… maybe a moderator would like to move this?

Didn’t followed this quite either. Whatever was removed, you already can remove/hide by toggling the specific buttons on the right side.