Mixer View Usage Gallup

I have been discussing this with a friend and we came to the conclusion that neither of us really uses the mixer screen because of all the other controls in Renoise and because it’s common to make the mix alongside the tracking procedure. So I decided to make a poll. This interests me.

Go on and tell us, how is your mixer screen usage in renoise?

The mixer is gold in the mixing stage. I actually prefer mixing the tracks in renoise. Gold, I say! :P

I use it sometimes to immediately understand what’s distorting.

rarely use it, tho it’s nice to use sometimes for quick swapping of plugings around channels.


In terms of most frequently used to less frequently used, the mixer ranks 5 out of 10 :)

1 Pattern Editor (+ track/dsp’s / diskop / track-scopes)
2 Sample Editor
3 Automation Editor
4 Instrument Editor (actually I visit this section more often, just to click the ‘generate drumkit’ button)
5 Mixer
6 Advanced edit pattern editor
7 Song settings tab
8 Master Scopes
9 Master Spectrum
10 Preferences

Never use it.

So do I ;]

i use it all the time


I use it sometimes but I have a hard time to understand those Masterscopes.

I don’t use it very often but I appreciate that it is there.

It’s invaluable for gaining an instant overview of the effects used in a song. I don’t use it very often, but I’m really glad it’s there in Renoise for when I need it.

im also glad we have but somehow it doesnt fit the renoise workflow though i cant lay my finger on it.


Simple answer : allways
When I play the song, I allways switch to the mixer view



I use mixer view frequently.

Though this is mainly because I’ve not found a way to open a plug-in using keyboard only. Just being a n00b so this might change if /when I figure out a way to live without mouse.

(if this is possible in renoise… otherwise i think i’ll continue to use the mixer)

I use it quite often come to think of it… mainly because setting levels with gainers is just plain annoying

the mixer view is extremely handy. i use it all the time!

i use it mainly toward the end of a track, nice overview.
i wouldn’t say i need it, but i’d miss it.

I never use it although I don’t know why… maybe I should.

i NEED this. dont touch. thanks. :)

I use the mixer view frequently and I am really glad that it was introduced. :)

Next to the common features of a mixer it also offers a fast and easy way to navigate to a certain effect in the DSP chain of a track.

I had to vote “no”,but I think the reason is I’m not used to it yet.
Been making music with Renoise without it for so long, I’ve never “realized” it’s there.

Will try to use it though, seeing as so many find it usefull!