Where is the mixer in Renoise? O_o;;

there is no real mixer: this is one of most wanted features indeed.

You can modify per-track volumes by using the volume slides in the leftmost track DSP for each track, and/or by using 0Cxx track command, there xx ranges from 00 (silence) to FF (full volume).

We can say that a mixer already exists: what we miss is a mixer window

ok, hope a real mixer is included in 1.5… well well… thanks anyway… . =)

Unfortunately it’s not… :(

Ehm… ok, why not? X_x; seems really stupid?
Well, I guess I have to start making music horizontal then… Hm… But Madtracker has VST-support AND a mixer =)

Well, the mixer itself is already here. Only there’s no chance of getting the overview in one window.

1.5 version on the other hand will give lots of other improvements, so there’s no need to complain.

Why is there no chance? It’s so hard to mix right now cos the overview sux… and it would be nice to know the levels in db and not %…

Because there are millions of other requests and afaik the developers have stopped implementing new features by now…

i hope so… … … i think :unsure: