Why the F##K dont they have a mixer in renoise, where you can adjust volume levels, frequencies etc at once? Like all sequencers have. It`s a tedious buiseness to adjust the levels of each separate channel individualy instead of being able to do it on one screen, seeing all the channels and their levels, as you would with a mixer. I mean, come on! Maybe i am being incredibly unpractical here, but i mix my songs by rendering the different channels to wav, so that i can mix the song in another program who has a real MIXER. This makes me sooooooooo mad!! Im switching to fruityloops…grrrr!

Why the F##K can’t people like you learn to use the forum search, where you would immediately discover that this feature has already been requested or talked about several times in the past?

My guess is it’ll probably appear in a future version of Renoise. Until then, be patient and stop acting like a little baby.

Maybe cause F##KING everything can’t be F##KING implemented at the same time… There are many who wants a mixer, but it’s hard to say if this will be a top priority in the next version(s). Register and you’ll have the possibility to vote for it!

It is positive if this thing has been brought up in the past. But seriously…How slow witted can the people making this thing be? It is like making a car without the left front wheel. I just cant believe that they havent thought of this and implemented it in v1.5. It isnt exactly rocket science to implement such a basic feature.

Renoise is a good program. Not everything is implemented yet (it’s mainly a sparetime project, so some things will take time) but I think a mixer will be implemented in future releases… Btw, Renoise is MUCH easier to use than programs like FLStudio, Reason and Cubase.

Does this mean you volunteer to be a Renoise dev and work on a mixer?

It is evident from the history of over 20 years of tracking that the lack of a mixer
was not detremental to making good music. First things first.
Did you know that if you register you get to cast votes on the course of upgrades of the software?

If you just log into this forum and swear, calling the developers dimwitted, and
expect that to get your insistent results…

Then it sounds like Fruity loops will make a fine choice for your musical productions.

stop being that arrogant.

it’s not that they never heared of the concept of a mixer before.
you assume that a mixer is essential for everybody, but the absense of it in renoise proves that different people have different opinions on that.
there are people who don’t feel the need for a mixer in renoise.

exporting each track to wav to mix in a dedicated mixing app is good practice anyway:
personally, i see renoise a a creative tool, to make noises and write music, much like an instrument. it does not have to try to specialize in every field of the production process.
although with electronic music, the songwriting and mixing processes are somewhat interweaved, it’s still two seperate tasks. so one can use dedicated tools for each job.
don’t forget that ressources for Renoise’s development are rather limited, the dev team is only a handfull weirdos who do the job in their sparetime, so it makes sense not to spend time on stuff that can already be done with additional software.

wait up, i have a mixer and it works nicely with my 8 ports output soundcard wich works perfectly with renoise. And im guessing since u’ve saying your going back to fruityloops it is a good choice, for playstation music!

ReNoise is getting more and more famous, even with no mixer.

Threads by people like this are an uncontenstable proof :)

I would note that mixer is already implemented. You can easilly set the volume and panning of each channel and automate parameters. There’s only no overview screen.

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