Mixing in Renoise

Given that the meters for faders in Renoise - mixing console, track dsp - don’t give much away in terms of information, how do folks here handle gain staging tasks?

Do you have to rely on a 3rd plugin for accurate metering?


I’ve used other meters in the past, but generally speaking I just shoot for a mix level that is barely touching yellow on the master meter.

Hornet VU meter is pretty slick for quick gain staging.

Maybe not exactly what your looking for, yet very useful in the Renoise environment:


You can also increase the Level - Faders resolution by using “shift” for more accuracy.


TT Dynamic Range Meter** v1.4a**(freeware)


…found this old gem, which is really useful, especially

if you’re not so much into the NLO (New Loudness Order) :walkman:

its 32bit though and a bit old school, yet also #free & very worth to check out!

Thanks for the tips.

In lieu of improving the native mixer, I’ll use a plugin for now. It would be great to see some ui tweaks to the mixer though - increasing the height and width of the faders to allow legends and a live numeric peak readout would be handy.

Yeah I’d like to at least see numeric peak levels for each channel, and ideally RMS as well.

Ableton Live 9 does pretty well in this regard, showing the numeric peak, and then the visual channel level displays peak and RMS.

theres one from hofa plugins for free. metering, panning and fading. only sidekick is the registering and the install of the hofa downloader. not a big deal. cos, that tool isnt needed for using the plugin, like others do (which is my personal dealbreaker evrytime).https://hofa-plugins.de/plugins/4u/cool thing is: its a pretty nice ui-design and its fully resizeable. the free tilt eq isnt bad too.