Moar instruments?

IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with Renoise’s default sample pack, but I’d definitely say that it lacks some diversity. Some of the kicks are really great; some are soft and deep, others harsh and gabberish, but I feel as if there are lots of gaps in between.

What’s awesome though, is that Renoise is a really powerful synthesizer, and I think it’d be great if the community could pull together some XRNIs and samples. This way everyone and everything can be represented, and there will be better organization of sounds for different genres. I’m sure this would be useful for most people during the compositional stages of making a song.

I’ve seen that most suggestions made here require a lot of technical implementation in the program itself, but I think that this is a great idea because it doesn’t involve any programming, and is more practical in nature.

Thoughts? If this is well received, I’d be happy to contribute, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

Edit: On second thought, this might be in the wrong sub forum. Sorry if it needs to be moved.

Check out this site if you don’t know it already:

And contribute instruments :)

Thanks Djeroek, that looks cool! Why have I not heard of this before XD

I think it would be great to include a few more of these in the default pack, or even create a little compilation of favourites that can be downloaded and patched in seperately.

Time for an archive binge, thanks man!

I always thought it would be nice that the default xrnis include a GM folder which contains 128 instrument voices in relation to each general midi instrument. and maybe they can automatically load when opening a midi file. I ve always been filled with great ideas. You’re welcome.

@robotrobot Haha, nice!

Just from a quick glance over the Loop Project website, we might have quite a good start on that GM bank. I guess the next step is to organize them and see if we can get the devs interested…

I think windows/media player by default has such a bank… But where it resides?

Same here. I’ve just discovered the ‘kit’ category, holy grail of medieval to retro drum machines?!

Maybe in a future utopia setting some kind of link could be made with the loop project site and a tool from within Renoise, so you could browse the site and download, or upload instruments to the site from Renoise :drummer: .

@Cas You’re thinking of window’s native wavetable synth. I think. :P
The problem with this is that it doesn’t support ASIO, so it’s freakin’ laggy.

And it sucks.

@Djeroek That’s my kind of future! XD

Tool. NAO. :guitar:

Alrighty, could all be true, all I know is from back in the day, and that is that it reproduces polyfone ringtones pretty acurately :yeah:

Giev monnies!

Great idea! If we can do IRC from within Renoise then surely we can do this ;)

You simply select the Windows wavetable device as your default midi output device. (At least if you have to select a Midi output device, one of the Windows GM sets is usually offered last in the list.)

You’re right. Out there, somewhere, there is a great bin of potentially useful renoise knowledge and resources that isn’t technical in the computer programming and/or audio-as-calculus sense.

If you ever made a blog or twitter concerning renoise instruments and samples of interest to tracker users, I would follow it. Prob wouldn’t storm the internets, but it would fascinate me.

Welp, I’m thinking of putting together a collection of instruments from the Loop Project. Even if it’s just for me, I need an organized instrument kit anyway. Of course, when it’s done I’d be glad to upload it somewhere if anyone’s interested.

@Vv yeah, I managed to try that, but I think he means file-wise - I found the the .dls archive for the GM bank in: “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers”
Although, I have no idea how to unpack it, and I can honestly say that it’s not one of my top priorities. ;)

@oneunkind Well, I do have twitter! I can’t say it will always be instrument-and-sample-related, but that’s a good idea for content. ^_^

I suspect you don’t need to. If you want, you can also replace it…