mobile production

Primarily a Kontakt/samples question, VST secondary, and generally a
compact mobile production inquiring. Ideally, in future laptop setups,
I’d like to store my VST’s in an external drive.

  1. I’d like to set up Kontakt where Kontakt-VST is stored in a laptop,
    and the samples in an external drive (one for backup, one for use).
    I was also recently informed that I have the option NOT to download
    Kontakt’s library which is what I’ll opt. Is this possible, any pros
    and cons ?

  2. Is it possible to store all my VST’s in an external drive ?
    I notice that some VST’s store files in the Roaming folder,
    beyond that I don’t know. Pros and Cons working this way ?

Never mind, found some decent past replies, feel free to delete this thread.

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