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Ask for more * also on Spotify


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Maybe it will be easier to provide the direct link to listen each music? Because there are sooooo much on your website, I’m lost! :upside_down_face:

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Players got added.

Extra is the Song info here:

EatMe - Ask For More

118 BPM in Dm D and Dm

chord sheet - piano / guitar chord scheme:

Chord/Bass note (Dm/Bb = D minor with Bb note in the bass)

| … | Gm | Bb/G | C |
main part:
| Dm/Bb | C/A | F/D | Bb/G |
2nd part:
| Dm/Bb | C/A | Dm/Bb | C/A |
| Dm/Bb | C/A | F/D | Bb/G |
(+main part)
3rd part:
| D | A4 | Bb/G | F |
| Dm | Gm | Bb/G | C |
(main part)
(3rd part)
(main part)

Produced in Renoise 3.2.1 tracker.

Used VSTi’s: Acoustica Pianissimo, Applied-Acoustics LoungeLizard Session, LennarDigital Sylenth1.
Used VST effects: FreeVerb2, BassChorus, MjRotoDelay, SupaPhaser, TDR Kotelnikov GE, FerricTDS Tape Dynamic Saturation, next to internal Renoise effects.
Samples (cello, clarinet, oboe, flute, xylophone) from VSCO free orchestra and various drum samples.
Band-In-A-Box 2020 stems:
~1022 Guitar, Electric, Strumming DirtyBarre Ev 165 [Double-Time].
~1143 Ukelele, Strumming FolkSwing Sw 140 [Double-Time].
2620 Bass, Electric, FunkSwing16ths Sw 16 085.
2914 Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Folky 16thsBrent Ev 16 085.
RealDrums JazzEven8 a Hihat, Kick b Snare, Ride [Double-Time].
RealDrums NewOrleansMardiGras8ths 01-a Snare Groove b 4 and Hat [Double-Time].
RealDrums RumbaFull 1-a Sticks b Ride [Double-Time].
RealDrums SalsaMambo 1-a TimbalFills b ChaBell [Double-Time].
RealDrums SambaBrazilFastBrushAlex a SambaBrazilFastBrushAlex b Samb… [Double-Time].


song info for

EatMe - Aluf

162 BPM
key is set to Dm , a lot of half-tone transitions, Dm to D, and C, Cm, and F, Fm
used 19 (of 21, +2 muted, of 24, +3 empty tracks for oversight) tracks

Second session mix.

I played a scheme on the Korg M1 synthesizer, preset “Background”.
wrote it down as

G#maj7 G G#maj7/F Fm7
Dm7/Bb Gm Dm7 -
G#maj7/F Gm7 Dm7 -
Bbmin G D -

I programmed that in the tracker Renoise 3.2.1, and then added more chords,
switching from the D to Dm, G to Gm, using a A72b instead of the G, more variation with C, Cm, F, Fm.

VSTi Korg M1 preset “Background” with filter automation in the tracker to make sweepy short plucks.

alternated, all with slow filter and group volume automation:
VSTi Korg M1 preset Analogpad2 altered
VSTi Korg WAVESTATION preset “Dream Strings”
VSTi Korg M1 preset “ClkSoloSyn” altered

I loaded the chords into Band-in-a-Box 2020 by a saved MIDI file.
It translated the chord scheme into 64 bars, being:

Abmaj7 - Gm - Fm7 - - -
Bbmaj7 - Gm7 - Dm7 - - -
Fm7 - Gm7 - Dm7 - - -
Bbm - A7 - D - - -
Dm7 - G - C - - -
Cm7 - Gm7 - Dm7 - - -
D - C - Fmaj7 - - -
Fm7 - G - Ebmaj7 - - -

the interpretation by the computer of the Fmaj7 was done as F,
but the bass played an odd note that did not appear with the Fmaj7.

I used the following instrumental tracks from Band-in-a-Box 2020:
Bass guitar:
3114:Bass, Electric, RootsyFunkAlex Ev 16 110 (Half-Time)
Electric guitar single note strumming:
*(repeating the first part of the recording, the guitarist started jamming too much, country riffs…)
3163:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm BluesyPopSteady8thsBrent Ev 100
Electric piano (part of):
3337:Piano, Electric, Rhythm FunkJeff Ev16 110
Piano (part of):
1993:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz4toBar sw 190
Saxophone (part of):
1058, Sax, Alto, Soloist SmoothJazzPoppy Ev16 090 (Half-Time)
Realdrums=CongasShuffle[single]: a: Congas b: CongasShuffle[single]
Realdrums=BossaRock^1-a:Blastic, Hihat , b:Sidestick Ride
RealDrums=SambaFull^1-a:Sticks, b: Ride Contemporary (in song set to B part only)
RealDrums=SalsaGuaracha23^1-a:Timbal, B:Bells
RealDrums=RootsyFunkSput^1-a:Sidestick, Kick, b:Ride, Snare (Half-Time)

Samples used:
a kick drum sample cut from the Renoise sample library breakbeats.
a nostalgic Korg M1 Bell hit
a crash cymbal (edited)
a noisy cymbal-like sound (edited)

VST Plugins used:
BassChorus by CloneEnsemble
SupaPhaser by Bram
Freeverb2 (now on Audacity WIKI)
Ozone 8 Elements (Spatializer, can also equalize and limit)
TDR Kotelnikov GE (compressor), on master bus.
otiumFX BassLane (makes bass part mono)

Internal Renoise effects used:
Analog Filter (w/ Drive)
Filter3 (w/ Floor gain)
Equalizer 10-bands
Bus Compressor
Maximizer (Limiter)

all put together in Renoise 3.2.1
conversion to flac done with FlicFlac

( P ) some rights reserved, (CC) (BY-NC-ND)
music by EatMe for info

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