Mobo + Cpu Noise Problems

I recently bought new studio monitors (Yamaha’s HSM80’s) and a new usb audio interface (Focusrite Scralett 2i2). When I hooked it all up on my desktop pc and turned on the speakers I could hear a sharp noise representing CPU movement (I literally hear the CPU working). I hooked the monitors on to a cheap laptop, bam no noise at all (so it’s definitely not the speakers or the audio interface). Tried it on another desktop pc as well, I got slight noises but not as big of an annoyance. We tried about everything to eliminate that the problem was the motherboard in combo with the cpu or one on on their own (I’m guessing probably the mobo). I disconnected all other usb devices, we changed video cards, we even changed the power supply unit of the PC. The noise was still there. Changing CPU would’ve been a bit too much of a hassle. I need to buy a new cpu either way if I need to switch motherboard, since the motherboards socket got really expensive (Socket 1366)… Buying new CPU+Mobo would be smarter.

My question is, should I just buy another motherboard + cpu (I’m able to do so) or is there another solution? Could I be able to run into the same problems with a new motherboard (this one I have now is +2 years old, there might be some electronics that got fucked over the years or so…) I’m pretty much an electronic noob so I’m running pretty much out of ideas here…

Don’t get really great answers from the net, people keep referring to eliminators. But they look hoax’y…

Anyone who has had a similar problem here (probably yes…)? A quick & easy solution with certainty of success?


i had the exact same issue, and changing the motherboard was the only thing that worked.

You mean that ultrahighfreq sharp sound, right?

If it is, try to turn OFF the all energy savings settings in bios/windows related to CPU/MOBO/VIDEO.

If it`ll not help you, yes, change the MOBO.

thanks for the quick replies guys.

hope i won’t have the problem with the one i’m going to buy now…

I had the exact same issue on an earlier computer and i suspect there are some grounding issues, not shure how to fix it, but it may be worth a try to connect the output ground to earth if possible.
Could the problem be that you have connected your pc to an ungrounded wall socket?

Usually connect the base of the monitor/speaker to the frame of the computer so that voltage potentials disappear.
And take care the PC is properly grounded, but mostly it is because one of both devices is properly grounded and the other totally not.

I don’t think so.

Laptop was connected to the net (charging and all). I literally switched its cable with the cable of the desktop pc, same with the other desktop. So it’s really this desktop’s mobo.

Someone told me to increase the spread spectrum of my BIOS. I enabled it and the noise is remarkably more silent. Still no complete silence though.

I have the HS80Ms and have noticed similar back EMF induction and distortion. Because I used all balanced cabling I thought this must not be the audio gear. True enough I found that the problem is in the power lines, specifically with connected devices with poor PSU filtering circuitry (e.g. fridges and cheap computers). While I couldn’t get rid of some of the problem gear in question I was able to experiment with sourcing the HS80M power lines from different circuits to the the noisy PSU. I also got a power line filter in place before the HS80M power supply, which not only cleaned it up more, but improved the sound quality of the monitors. If you residence has poor wiring you may find no way around it. I managed to reduce the induction to a level where I don’t notice it anymore, but it’s still there. I’m willing to live with it, and getting higher class filtered power and better PSUs on everything is an expense I don’t want to follow up with just now. Welcome to the wonderful world of induction.

thanks mmd… bit of other stuff on my hands now, but i’m going to try to exterminate that fucking noise as soon as i have the time! :D

BY THE WAY (slightly offtopic):
Can anyone tell me how I record “what you hear” with the Scarlett 2i2? **audio-noob reporting