.mod Files To Renoise

I don’t know if I should post this here, if it’s wrong please move it wherever you want to.

I’ve always used Octamed 4.0 on Amiga. Now I’ve got me a fancy laptop and I purchased Renoise. I’d like to convert my .mod’s to .rns (they only consist of midi, no audio at all) but word is that such can not be done, atleast not the easy way. What way would be easiest path to follow you reckon? I think there must be people who had the same problem with converting midi files, no?

first … there is a small free tool for amiga (search the aminet): “med2xm” … you can convert the MMD0-3 (MED) format to XM (fasttracker) … and it’s possible to load XM into Renoise!

second … version 1.5 of Renoise (will be released next weeks i hope) can import SMF (midi) files …

Sorry for the late reply, but now I finally had the chance to try this and I’m happy to say: it works! Thank you very much, now I have absolutely no reason to stick to Octamed :)

Welcome to the club ;)
But I have a sort-a-like problem here.
I previously used ‘Digibooster Pro’
So now I have all kinds of *.DBM files.

Does anyone know a way to convert these files?

I have saved them to *.XM but it sounds crappy.
(inverted samples are played normal, pitchbends are not correct,enz)

Since virtually all my good Octamed stuff was using midi devices (since the Amiga’s 4 Channel 8bit sound left a lot to be desired), I’m not able to do much with my old songs other than using MedSoundstudio, unfortunately. Also, unfortunately, the convert to midi option on Octamed was horrible, and the one on MedSoundstudio is even worse–it doesn’t even give any options, and neither one saves volumes, doesn’t save any modulation or pitch bends, completely ruins the tempo and even the rhythm of the placement of notes (especially songs with any time signature other than 4/4), and doesn’t select the insturments (everything left at 0). So even when the import midi files option comes into place, it won’t really help me much AS FAR AS importing my old songs. But don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY happy that option is going to be avaialable.

Yes you are right. Fortunatly most of my Octamed files consist ONLY of midi notes, nothing else (no samples, no pitch, no modulations, etc) so after converting them to XM all I have to do is (indeed) get the instruments right, apply volumes and check the songs for faults (sometimes it misses a note or two). It’s not the most desired way of converting .med files but for me it worked fine. It is a shame tho, Octamed was rather popular I think, it would have been nice if there would be a program that could convert med to midi or something.

I wish I could even just get the notes–even those are wrong because I usually use more than 128 lines per block, I change tempo a lot, and I change time signatures (how many lines there are per block) a lot.

there is a 99% perfect MED to MIDI converter. but only on AMIGA (you need MUI installed to use the GUI) … i used it years ago … a great software … and it puts the sysex data (if you send it in your MED-song) also in the midi-file … MidIt - download from aminet
don’t know exactly … i think MidIt works only with original MED-Amiga files (MMD0-MMD1) … not with MED-pc files. but try it … my former experiences were very very good with this tool.

Is there a way to convert new med songs to old octamed songs?

I think you could specify file format in OctaMED soundstudio… but then you would need an amiga as well… or emulator…

Edit: Just realized that you probably meant newer PC meds… those are probably not supported in soundstudio…