.mod not loading


I downloaded a few .mods from Lemon Amiga, and they will not load into Renoise.

Has .mod supoport been disabled, or is this likely an issue with the files themselves?

I can post the files in question if needs be.


try open it in modplug tracker (its free) than save it, try on renoise, for me .mods loading fine


The .mod files load and play in VLC Player fine… They just do load in Renoise…

Well the above suggestion relies on them being loadable in something other than renoise,
so did you try re-saving them as suggested above ?

Are they powerpacked? (In the early days mods got often powerpacked to save diskspace, but powerpacked mods are not suppoerted by every application)


No, not .pp (funny, I was just messing around with some .pp files on my A500:) )