Mod&pitch Wheel Metadevice

So we could automate VSTi devices which use those properties. Shouldn’t be very hard to make. Basically the same as CC device, just sends different events.

Edit: Apparently mod wheel is already CC. But pitch wheel isn’t. Wouldn’t it just be possible to add pitch wheel in Midi CC metadevice?

i’ve noticed that the cc device value “1” sometimes controls vsti’s pitch wheel, but i don’t understand why this varies from plugin to plugin

It’s probably because the pitch bend is not like the other protocols (0-127).
you can however program them into the pattern editor but as I read on the IRC you want to automate them.
and, yes, this should be nice.

No CC1 is modulation wheel. Not pitch bend.

We have a debate going on internally about to add the PitchBend into the MIDI CC device.
Creating a PitchBend device would be easy, but considering we have a MIDI CC device, a separate PB device is a clumsy solution.

Taktik did not confirmed or promised PB would be added to the MIDI CC in 2.0 (and the MIDI CC would probably carry another name like MIDI protocol Device so other protocols could be added in the future)
Let’s just wait what will happen during the Beta phase of 2.0.

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