Mod Wheel Not Working In Renoise

I have talked about this in my other thread about the RemoteSL Automap, but I think this belongs into a new one. So here it is:

I have the Novation RemoteSL25 Midi Controller and it looks like in Renoise the Mod Wheel is not working. I have a few Softsynths (mainly gotten with the Controller) who support the modwheel out of the box without manually assigning anything, at least in Live and Reaper. When I use them in Renoise, they don’t react (e.q. Novation BassStation).

It looks to me like this controller is not transmittet to the plugin, as the green midi-activity-lamp is lighting up when I use it, but a similar “midi activity lamp” in the BassStation doesn’t respond (also nothing else happens).
The Pitch wheel works OK (Actually the mod and pitch wheels are no real wheels, but a single XY Controller)

Could this be a bug in Renoise?